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There is a lot more to agile than just a process or a set of practices.

Agile (or agility) is more than just a mentality—an alternate state of mind. Transitioning from ‘doing agile’ to ‘being agile’ requires something other than just an assortment of practices; it requires an organization to embrace agility as the way of operation and to thrive. It requires a new way of living and working for those organizations.


Tiva runs agile coaching deep as well as broad.

Tiva Systems mentors bring broad experience to help teams maintain a strategic distance from the pitfalls and march towards a agile triumph. From the ABCs of agile practices to re-engineering the most complex pre-agile processes, our agile coaches collaborate with your teams that need this assistance the most.


Agile advisory services help organizations assess agile readiness.

Tiva Systems agile advisory services help organizations assess agile readiness; plan and staff agile transformations; rigorously track “agile maturity”; and launch pilot projects. Our consulting services follow agile transformation through its lifecycle.


Development, principles of lean, systems thinking, product development flow.

The Scaled Agile Framework is a proven, publicly-facing framework for applying lean and agile practices at enterprise scale. This framework synchronizes alignment, collaboration and delivery in the enterprise and scales successfully to large numbers of practitioners and teams.


DevOps is doing agile@scale.

DevOps is a practice, a methodology and a culture centered on empowering engineering and IT teams to deliver and support software services that are extremely robust and stable. Through a new set of tools and the heavy use of automation, a DevOps organization operates just like an agile one by bringing cross-functional teams together to provide value faster than ever before.


One of the bellwethers of agile movement, atlassian is at our Core

Tiva Systems is committed to help clients utilize Atlassian products and tools yielding maximum productivity and efficiency. We provide a full range of services to get your Atlassian products and add-ons, running optimally, in alignment with your incumbent processes. From assessment and design to configuration for enterprise scaling, we provide interactive and practical training courses and coaching for Atlassian tools mastery and operation. Our professionals master Jira and Confluence!


Formerly Rally, now called CA Agile is Industry’s Agile Forerunner

Tiva Systems professionals developed CA Agile (Rally) Services expertise from the early days of its transformation. Over the years, our clients have benefited from the range of products that Rally provided and through its transition to computer associates agile services. We have helped clients adapt to the highly dynamic and changing environments of Rally ensuring minimal business impact. We have built a well-rounded depth in key technologies and best practices for CA Agile Services aka. Rally.



Agile Methodologies are at the heart of agile transformation, development and test practices. There are various methodologies that companies adapt as per their needs and there’s really no “one size fits all”. Tiva has developed breadth in agile methodologies, whether it is scrum or kanban to reach out to a wide range of customer use cases for agile. The bottom line of an agile methodology and its application is to deliver agility in IT and engineering that in turn deliver distinct and measurable business agility.


A tool suite that contains a every bit of agile you need

Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian development products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration and code quality. This tool suite has emerged as one of the most powerful development tools of modern times. Tiva houses in-depth expertise on atlassian tools and provides these tools to clients as bundled or a-la-carte with our pertinent service offerings.


Validate & verify features in speed of light

In agile development, testing is intended to be a piece of the continuous improvement procedure, running alongside coding. However numerous agile-like initiatives hamper a fully streamlined and smooth development flow. In modern SDLC, all code ought to be tested and tried early and throughout the lifecycle. Agile testing compliments agile and lean development and we at Tiva, bring the expert QA and test professionals for functional, scale / performance, system, regression or production testing.


Augment your teams with exceptional agile consultants

Tiva Systems has been an industry pioneer in staffing innovation for more than 11 years. More recently, we have focused on building expertise in staffing agile professionals and our customers have benefited immensely from this specialization. customers depend on us to find industry’s best of the best agile coaches, scrum masters, product owners, product managers, business analysts, developers, testers, DevOps and other development and delivery professionals.

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We believe in unlimited potential of individuals and companies. Transformation of agile is the new normal and embracing this reality will help organizations unlock those potential and renew their competitive advantage – which may be under threat from the newer, born-agile IT and engineering organizations.

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