In agile development, testing is meant to be an integral part of the development process, right along with coding. “Test early, test often” is the mantra for Tiva agile testing practice and we offer a range of test functions from regression or production to unit testing.


In agile development, testing is intended to be a piece of the continuous improvement procedure, running alongside coding. However numerous Agile-like initiatives hamper a fully streamlined and smooth development flow. In modern SDLC, all code ought to be tested and tried early and throughout the lifecycle. Agile testing compliments agile and lean development and we at Tiva, bring the expert QA and test professionals for functional, scale / performance, system, regression or production testing.

In Tiva’s agile test service, teams always contain a blend of testing specialists, who self-compose to create and approve an incrementally built software for shipping and delivery.


Agile Testing Kickstart

Assessment and Planning

Before starting the testing procedure coordination, we will lead an Assessment and Planning session to comprehend the torments of the undertaking and detail a key answer for execution.

Training – Agile Testing Workshop

Our Testing Workshop will give an outline of agile frameworks and how to integrate those for the test functions. It is a hands-on training giving your QA analysts experience how to play their role alongside developers.

Consulting – Process Integration

Experienced agile testing coaches work with your groups to consolidate agile testing and rehearse all through your testing and integration into the overall development process.

Technology implementation

Using JIRA and QASymphony, we help your entire agile testing workflow and ensure that they are deeply integrated with development tools and technologies.

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