Artificial Intelligence

We help the enterprises to discover insights from big data and enable to automate their processes using our Solutions


AI Is Transforming Technology And Businesses

AI has enhanced the buy-sell experience for both buyers and sellers. Chatbots, predictive analysis, recommendation engines and warehouse automation has become the essential component of e-retail businesses. Al helps to optimize the processes, automate workflows and identify new markets. Many organizations are failed to recognize the importance of AI in their businesses as they lack the clear vision to understand the relationships between data sets and its predictions. They do not possess the requisite skills and quality data.

How we do it

We Are Specialist In Providing AI Solutions To Startups

We review your existing capabilities and identify the gaps between your current plans and future goals to make recommendations for tools, technology, and architecture. We test a small-scale system, proving the viability of the models for your problem and demonstrate its feasibility to verify its potential. Inserting the system into production while considering costs of implementation and maintenance during deployment. Improvement of previously built models to continuously raise the quality of insights and to cope up with the complex and diverse environment.

Industries We Serve

Tiva Systems is a platform that extends the state of art Artificial Intelligence consultancy service using an innovative approach to provide strategic based solutions to its clients.

Our experts ensure to provide AI- driven products to organizations for reimagining their businesses for the digital age. We offer an integrated portfolio of technology, products and services to startups and large enterprises that face difficulties with new data initiatives. We help the enterprises to discover insights from big data and enable to automate their processes using machine learning.

The efficient team of Tiva Systems possesses deep knowledge of designing, implementing and incorporating AI solutions within the customer’s business in the respective industry. We utilize data analytics techniques to model raw data into useful information to enhance productivity, quick decision making and business gain for our clients.  Data is extracted and categorized to identify and analyze behavioral data and patterns, and techniques vary according to their organizational requirements.


Tivasys provides real-time connection to Internet of things ( IoT ) and other data sources that enable personalized services and accurate pricing models to predict customers’ expectations from the insurers.


Tivasys  provides framework to our clients for better communication, price optimization, and inventory rationalization to optimize supply chain processes. We assist them to be proactive and strategic about adapting to consumer demands.


Shift in customer expectations, meeting delivery times, transparency and low costs become the current norm for transportation industry. To cope up with the digital savvy players of the transportation industry, companies are facing difficulty in upgrading their system to improve supply chain costs and efficiencies.


Our expertise facilitates you in understanding the automation of admin tasks, customizing curriculum, developing intelligent instruction design and guides librarians to track down the information much quicker.


Tivasys leverages machine learning and empowers the businesses to develop better customer-centric experiences.  We assist the ecommerce leaders to make data and AI as their differentiator. Our professional and trained team helps the companies in identifying the exceptional prospects, boosting sales, and bridging the gap between personalization and privacy.

Cyber security

AI enables to analyze the distinct and vast complex data to protect businesses by identifying the unknown dangers. It also helps businesses predict a data breach and reduce the chances of fraud. We provide solution to incorporate within your existing infrastructure to facilitate the security teams to investigate cyber threats quickly by looking at the most advanced and complicated threats.


Tiva Systems ensures the trained systems through data that are generated from clinical activities, such as screening, diagnosis, treatment assignment. We also assist the companies that how to sift through the data to highlight mistakes in treatments and ways to reduce the workflow inefficiencies.

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We are committed to make Machine Learning simple to use and easily applicable for business purposes. We are a group of overachievers, frequently pushing the limits for our clients providing services of data processing, image processing and digital image processing. When you associate with us, you get more than an agreement.

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