Looking to get the most out of the Atlassian suite or see if Atlassian products are a good fit for your organization? Tiva Systems can help you get the most out of your Agile tools, applied for agile teams, business unit or the entire organization.

Whether you are new to Atlassian products or have been using them for years, your Agile tool needs to provide:

  • Visibility into what’s going on at a team, program and portfolio level
  • Real-time reporting and metrics across teams, projects, programs, and portfolios
  • A single framework to support all of your processes:
  • Agile project management, PMO, or COE processes, including Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe
  • Product management processes that include story mapping, planning, and roadmapping
  • Development processes including integration with source code repositories, build & deploy tools, test case management and test automation
  • Non-development projects and processes like Marketing, Compliance, Security, Facilities, and more

If your Agile tools don’t yet do these things for your business, contact Tiva Systems now to help optimize your those for you!


If you’re a new Atlassian Customers

  • Conduct an on-site or remote assessment to define your desired solution landscape
  • Install and stand-up your JIRA Agile, Portfolio, Confluence, and Dev Tools environments
  • Define and configure projects, workflows, screens, notifications, and user roles and permissions
  • Configure mission-critical dashboards and customized reporting
  • Identify the ideal system architecture for your needs

If you’re an existing Atlassian Customers

  • Full integration and roll out of Atlassian products
  • Enhance your existing solution with new add-ons or advanced functionality for greater usability and increased ROI
  • Upgrade to the latest JIRA Software or Confluence release
  • Optimize your workflow by standardizing projects and workflows, creating roll-up boards for custom views of information, or specialized reports
  • Redesign and restructure your configuration to optimize process changes
  • Revising and updating user roles, permissions, and security groups
  • Implementation program and portfolio solutions (JIRA Portfolio, Structure, Program Boards) to assist with planning, reporting, and management


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