There is a lot more to agile than just a process or a set of practices. It is a complete transformation of mindset, culture and the way modern software and similar products are developed, delivered, deployed and managed.


Agile (or agility) is more than just a mentality—an alternate state of mind. Transitioning from ‘doing agile’ to ‘being agile’ requires something other than just an assortment of practices; it requires an organization to embrace agility as the way of operation and to thrive. It requires a new way of living and working for those organizations.

Many organizations have been building software and related products for decades or years. Gone are the days of “shrink-wrapped” software that were delivered in a strict serial model called “waterfall” that went from requirements to delivery in big block of steps. The world has decided to move much faster and build smaller software in incremental steps. This may be a quantum leap for many product development organizations and the challenges faced to make it happen may be mountain high. Tiva Systems has developed key expertise to make your organization’s transformation to agile smooth, seamless and pain-free.


Change Management is the first step in your agile transformation journey. We start by setting up the business objectives and sort out change authority groups necessary to meet those objectives. Each change program is built to fit particular customer needs from field-tried change designs adjusted with change models and agile practices. Some changes may be global that impact the entire development and connected organizations. Some changes may be more localized to specific development groups, such as, software development or device manufacturing. Regardless of scale of change, managing the change in a rigorous way exhibits the discipline necessary to successfully complete any agile transformation project.


Delivery Agility

Delivery Agility changes your skilled people into high-performing, autonomous teams who can deliver software and product rapidly and reliably in a well-coordinated manner. Once change management captures the entire transformation steps and flows, delivery agility bridges the gap between agile hypothesis and practice. Tiva Systems has developed a proprietary delivery framework that brings life to a nonstop change plan. Benefits of this framework include:

  • Alignment around a shared vision of success
  • Rapid delivery with higher quality and reduced cost
  • Improved transparency and predictability
  • Better product-market fit in an iterative manner

Organizational Agility

Once change management blueprint is implemented using delivery agility frameworks, organizational agility brings key leaders of the organization to advance three fundamental work spaces — physical, virtual, and mental of every part of the organization. Organizational Agility aims to advance a community-oriented culture leveraging upon organizational advancement, group achievement, program coordination and continuous improvement. Streamlined procedures and destroying waste across every department of the organization to “examine and adjust” as the organization navigates through changing realities around it. Tiva Systems strives to bring organizational agility to your doorstep with an aim to transcend your organization into a “learning machine” that continuously learns from the world around it, adapts and adjusts its internals to react with every weapon in its arsenal to win the business objectives of the organization.


Business Agility

Business Agility aims to bridge any gap between IT and product development with business functions of a corporation, namely, finance, sales and marketing. While agile makes through the technical departments, it is important for business departments to be aware and leverage whenever possible. Business agility brings agile administration across the corporation fostering a culture where rapid delivery engines in IT and product development aids in rapid-fire marketing, faster sales processes and revenue realization. Fundamentally, business agility brings innovation and newer products and services to market faster. Tiva Systems has business agility experts who brings the non-technical transformation complimenting organizational agility — completing the loop and cycle of your agile transformation in the most holistic manner.

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