Technology forms the foundation of any agile transformation, maturity or transition journey. They aid aspiring teams to achieve their organizational goals and business objectives.

DevOps Services

DevOps is a practice, a methodology, and a culture centered on empowering teams to deliver and support software services that are more robust. Through the new tools and the heavy use of automation, a DevOps organization operates just like an agile one by bringing cross-functional teams together to provide value faster than before.

Many call DevOps simply agile@scale.


Tiva provides some of the most comprehensive and competitive Atlassian services across the entire tool stack. For many organizations, a stack like Atlassian can be intimidating and that’s where Tiva brings in their years of experience with Atlassian.


CA Agile (Rally) Services is another popular agile tool suite that allows organizations measure software development investment and profitability, consistency and coherency in development process, quality and responsiveness of development teams all with ongoing execution measurements.


Millions of users globally rely on Atlassian development products every day for improving software development, project management, collaboration and code quality. A tool suite that contains all the functionality you need to review, test and manage your code, to build and automate your entire workflow in order to ship superior quality software.

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