Cloud Service Azure

A fully managed end-to-end Microsoft Azure experience

Accelerate Your Cloud Adoption with Microsoft Azure

Cloud Service Azure offers the wide portfolio of Microsoft Azure services as a platform for new digital applications and business innovation, with Tiva Systems as an overarching Azure Managed Service Provider.

This service delivers commercial flexibility and simplicity, and through inclusion of essential Tiva Systems Hybrid IT orchestration services, it enables successful turnkey adoption of Azure in enterprises. It is an end-to-end Azure Managed Service from a single Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider.

Success in today’s global markets is defined by speedy time-to-value, which can be obtained by continuously delivering and optimizing apps & services for customers, partners and employees.The ability to respond rapidly to market needs through innovative digital applications is fast becoming a competitive necessary. The cloud can play a crucial role in this journey by providing the speed organisations need and navigating the right cloud services & solutions can be a complex process. The cloud can also bring additional complexity by introducing new approaches including refactoring existing applications, faster and more frequent releases, and increased interdependence between development and operations. Together Tiva Systems and Microsoft can help organizations plan and implement a cloud transformation journey to deliver business-accelerating solutions and strategies.


Your path to digitalization with Cloud Service for Azure

Azure ennoblement

Azure ennoblement ranging from planning services to development of cloud native solutions.

Design, deployment and management

Design, deployment and management of a best-of-both-worlds hybrid infrastructure with Azure as a fast IT extension of the existing data center.

End to end digital transformation

End to end digital transformation for business, application, platform and service.

Optimal licensing

Optimal licensing of the Microsoft cloud estate with the best Azure rates.

Our Azure services include:

Migration Services.

Efficient, smooth, risk-free transition of application and database load to the Azure environment with structured, customized approach based on our portfolio of migration tools and Microsoft expertise.

Application Services.

Proficient Application development and Enterprise Integration on cloud.

Azure IoT.

Connect, monitor, improve and increase organisational efficiency & reliability with real-time streaming, transformation, Predictive maintenance and Data analytics.

Azure Big Data.

Create Better experiences and make better decisions by analyzing massive amounts of data in real time. Uncover insights buried in your data to optimize the way you do business.

Azure AI.

Achieve more an build the next generation of smart applications in the intelligent cloud with the comprehensive set of flexible AI services – from Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Conversational AI with Bot framework, to Azure Search Services.

Azure Infrastructure and DevOps.

Deliver software faster and increase reliability, repeatability, security and get actionable insights with Infrastructure Migration, CI/CD DevOps for Web APPs, Virtual Machines & Azure Containers and Application Monitoring services.

Azure Consulting.

Accelerate your business with Azure consulting services and benefit from Azure Health Monitoring, Disaster Recovery, Site Recovery, Cloud Automation & Azure Cost Management; Assessment – Discovery and Strategy Services, Advisory Services and Azure Managed Services

Multi-Cloud services for Microsoft Azure

With Tiva Systems Multi-Cloud your path to the cloud is crystal clear. When you partner with a certified Azure expert, you can focus on building your eco-system and seizing new business opportunities.


Design and architect a secure, fit for purpose Azure foundation, so that Azure services can be utilized in confidence.


Assess, plan and action the migration of workloads to Azure utilizing our Multi-Cloud Transformation Services.


keep control of workloads on Azure with Multi-Cloud Managed Services and the tools to orchestrate Azure through a single pane of glass.


partner with a specialist in digital technology to help drive business innovation and co-create success.

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