DevOps is the marriage between "Development" and "Operations" in a way that creates a complete technical environment for rapid software development at enormous scale.


DevOps is a practice, a methodology and a culture centered on empowering engineering and IT teams to deliver and support software services that are extremely robust and stable. Through a new set of tools and the heavy use of automation, a DevOps organization operates just like an agile one by bringing cross-functional teams together to provide value faster than ever before. DevOps is doing agile@scale.

At Tiva, we help you completely automate your software delivery process according to your organization’s maturity and ambition. You can create and move your innovative software into production faster, more efficiently and with less costs.

We bring together a perfect fusion of teams, tools and processes to help your organization utilize a tightly integrated combination of the following areas:

  1. Continuous Integration (CI)
  2. Continuous Delivery (CD)
  3. Automated Testing
  4. Development Security Operations (DevSecOps)
  5. Monitoring


Tiva Systems Continuous Integration (CI) practice focuses on getting companies into the habit of regularly merging your code and validating the results through automated set of unit, component, functional, KPI and system tests. These merges can be done a few times a week, at a regular time each day, or even automatically with every commit. The frequency depends on your particular process and needs, but the idea is that you integrate your code early and often so that you can minimize complicated merges. This sets your organization up for Continuous Delivery (CD) and a DevOps routine.


Tiva Systems Continuous Delivery (CD) solution implements a methodology where teams working in very short cycles (“sprints” if you’re being Agile) automate the building and testing of their code so that they can deliver fully functional software to needed environments at any time. Continuous Delivery is very similar to Continuous Deployment, which generally speaks to automating the deployment of your code to production environments. By leaning on Tiva Systems Continuous Integration (CI) to deliver code changes more often, the next downstream automation speeds up development and gives your teams the feedback loop they need to improve.


Tiva Systems Test Automation practice helps build a process of automating manual testing efforts that are repetitive and time consuming, allowing your team to discover issues right when code is initially built. A Test Automation strategy is critical to your team’s ability to validate the quality and functionality of their software as manual testing fails to keep up with Continuously Integrated (CI) and Delivered (CD) code that sits across a dynamically changing infrastructure in a DevOps practice.


Tiva Systems Development Security Operations (DevSecOps) is the infusion of a security mindset into the execution of a nimble and automated DevOps practice. Just as automated functional testing is critical to ensuring that software operates as intended, security testing should be automated to guarantee that all known security concerns are being checked against as part of the software delivery process. Simplify security audits and gain peace of mind by validating that safe practices are being followed with every release.


Tiva Systems monitoring of a DevOps environment involves the automation of the deployment and configuration of your monitoring tools as well as the development practices ensuring that your software is relaying the most critical information to validating proper operations. When Continuous Integration (CI) and Delivery (CD) and automated validation combine to speed up your team’s activity and spread it out over many servers, you must have a way to ensure that everything is being tracked and operating as expected. Monitoring is among the most critical, and often overlooked, pieces of a healthy software services practice and where Development and Operations (DevOps) truly meet.



Tiva will look at your current operations to evaluate the tools and procedures you currently utilize in order to better understand how well they work for you. Coupled with interviews to get a sense of where your organization wants to go, we craft a package of recommendations based on best practices.


With an assessment in place, Tiva Systems will work with a handful of teams and applications in your organization to build out a basic DevOps process and toolset that fits your needs. This POC will generally have a few iterations until we arrive at a product that works well.


Working with the results of the POC, Tiva Systems will build (or help support) the rollout of that DevOps practice across your organization. This will be done in conjunction with training for your team to help instill the practices and understanding of the tools that your organization is specifically adopting.

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