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Change is good. It’s your intrepid journey from “We’ve always done it this way” to “Let’s do it differently this time.” Change is moving ahead with time. It is progress.

Tiva Systems, SAP service providers globally, brings the right set of people, technologies and domain expertise to drive your SAP landscape transformation. From simplification-modernization of IT landscapes, sketching the perfect roadmap for adoption-migration-implementation-global roll-outs of SAP on-premise and cloud solutions to application management, support, fine-tuning, enhancements and upgrades we’ve got you covered.

Tiva Systems has the in-depth expertise in end-to-end solutioning-deployment-integration and management of complex global SAP landscapes. We have provisioned SAP services for large Fortune 500 organizations across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes. Leveraging consulting and advisory capabilities with in-depth global deployment and management experience, TIVA is a well-regarded “Provider of Choice” for SAP engagements across geographies.

Tiva Systems is a key global strategic partner of SAP and helps businesses adopt next-generation technologies and become future ready. We continuously invest in aligning our competencies and capabilities in line with the evolving roadmap of SAP.


How We Can Help

Managed Infrastructure

We offer flexible hosting options for your SAP ERP applications, so you can choose the solution that meets your business requirements for a scalable infrastructure:

  • Fully managed dedicated servers (in our data center)
  • Single-tenant private cloud (in your own data center, or a service provider’s)
  • Dedicated server connected to a private or public cloud (hybrid cloud)

Our managed hosting services include servers, operating systems, storage, backups, networking and security.

Managed Applications

Our expertise extends beyond infrastructure to the SAP applications your business uses every day. Leverage our expertise to manage — and provide on-going support for — your SAP ERP applications.

We’ll support you by:

  • Offering best practice guidance
  • Implementing and supporting features and functionality
  • Answering questions, troubleshooting and resolving issues
  • Adhering to stringent, industry-leading SLAs

Our managed application services for SAP include functional support for business processes, customization, consulting and database administration.

Customized Solutions

Our certified experts can customize your SAP solution by working with you to:

  • Assess ways to optimize your solution
  • Create a strategic roadmap for implementation
  • Fulfill development requests to support improvements

We’re always available to share our expertise and assist your efforts in creating a best-fit solution for your business.

New Implementations

Our SAP experts can assist you with everything from SAP ERP solution design and implementation to performance tuning and analysis, including:

  • Operational support to ensure system availability
  • Help identifying opportunities to meet business objectives
  • On-going quality assurance to proactively identify potential problems

Patches and Upgrades

Let us apply fixes and performance upgrades for your SAP solution. We’ll make sure everything continues to work as intended, enabling your IT team to focus on higher-value activities and more strategic initiatives.

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