Managed AWS Cloud Services

Delivers 24 x 7 monitoring, maintenance and management services

Cloud Computing is a revolution that has changed IT. In today’s digital age, businesses are excepted to deliver everything ‘as-a-service’. To achieve this, organizations are looking for newer ways to enable operational agility improve service quality and reduce administration overhead. Cloud Managed Services Providers (MSPs) play a key role in helping organizations recognize and leverage these advantages.

With the broad number of AWS offerings, it can be intimidating and confusing to understand how to architect the right solution for your needs and budget. Having the right infrastructure in place is just the beginning, as monitoring what you use, how you optimize it, and what you owe becomes a larger challenge. This is why many organizations selected Tiva Systems as partner of choice to manage their AWS infrastructure.

Tiva Systems leverages its structured and extensive 7-steps frameworks to assist enterprises migrate their application workloads to AWS cloud. Our framework eliminates the complexities of application transformation leading to accelerated cloud adoption and seamless transformation of applications.



  • Application analysis and prioritization for AWS deployments
  • Solution design and future state architecture including hybrid configurations
  • Migration strategy and execution plan


  • Automated deployment of multi-region scalable AWS environments
  • Deploy security controls and establish governance model
  • Testing and performance optimization


  • Customer defined escalation action plan
  • On-going performance monitoring and cost optimization
  • Decommissioning of legacy environments

Service Offerings

Comprehensive Managed Services

  • One stop shop for Hosting, Infra and BASIS support services
  • Trade Capital Expense for Variable Expense
  • Benefit from Massive Economies of Scale
  • Automate custom AWS infrastructure
  • Increase Speed, Agility and Flexibility
  • Stop Spending Money on Running and Maintaining Data Centers

AWS Cost & Performance Optimization

  • Well regarded methodologies to manage and optimize AWS architecture.
  • Organization of critical data
  • Analysis and dashboards on organization’s AWS spending
  • Cost optimization based on trend analysis
  • Performance monitoring and enhancement

Managed Cloud Control

  • Real time visibility into AWS deployment
  • Precise monitoring of the applications
  • Timely configurations check and update deployment on applications.
  • Managed Services of anti-virus and security management

Get more than what you think from Tiva Systems

Improve Business Operations: With integrated processes, methodologies and frameworks, organizations benefit from higher operational transparency, agility and automation

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership: With the various model available, you have freedom to select the best option based on the criticality of the business applications and type of services required. You also gain flexibility in changing the services based on the growing business requirements.

Leverage Pay ‘as you use’: This managed services model offers a range of payment options, instant scalability according to business needs and adaptive pricing as cloud assets grow.

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