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Technical ATDD Coach/Technical BDD Agile Coach

Technical ATDD Coach/Technical BDD Agile Coach


Our client is embarking on a pilot implementation of the Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD)/BDD. Their application is a web based application that uses open source technologies, i.e. Apache Tomcat server, Struts, Angular, Java, Javascript etc.  The ATDD Coach will help the team adopt and mature its ATDD processes and practices, with a focus on technical coaching.




  • The technical ATDD Coach will be embedded with the team.
  • The technical coach will aid team in meeting each sprint’s goals, by enhancing their ATDD technical capability and effectiveness over time.
  • The technical coach will be flexible in how they deliver coaching to ensure they facilitate completion of sprint goals rather than inadvertently hindering them.
  • Note: It is understood that to the extent that the team’s velocity is constrained by technical ATDD immaturity, the team should not expect or assume ‘immediate’ improvements; that is, it is understood that it can take time for the coaching to take effect.
  • Help the team adopt and mature its ATDD processes and practices.
  • Team is composed of approximately twenty individuals, including developers, business analysts, and QA analysts and engineers. The team is co-located in San Francisco. The Business Product Owner is based in Seattle but is available as needed and is involved daily virtually. The analysts and developers have been practicing Scrum for several years. The QA team has been practicing a combination of Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • ATDD process and technical requirements.


ATDD Process Expertise and Hands-on Experience

  • Define ATDD ground rules and roles and responsibilities to foster a cohesive ATDD team
  • Deliver project process improvements across Sprints
    • Including advice in defining sprint cycle (i.e., duration) best suited to ATDD-based project
  • Provide usage support for tools used for the ATDD process
  • Provide Best Practices for developing Features files
  • Provide methods of categorizing backend (API) and frontend (UI) test cases
  • Provide methods of creating one or more Feature files for a User Story
  • Provide methods for splitting Feature files appropriately
  • Provide expertise in structuring acceptance criteria for Feature files
  • Provide expertise for structuring tests and tying them to actual requirements



ATDD Technical Expertise and Hands-On Experience



  • Use of AngularJS
  • Integrating RestAssured/Protractor tools & scripts with Jenkins
  • Protractor/Selenium tool:  help developing test framework, library files etc.
  • Support effective TypeScript coding that is syntactical superset of JavaScript.
  • RestAssured Tool:  help develop framework, library files etc.
  • Provide on-demand support when facing technical issue with tools
  • Provide on-demand support when facing issues with javascript coding (Front – End)
  • Provide on-demand support when facing issues with API testing (Back – End)
  • Support effective javascript coding based on Cucumber Feature file
  • Demonstrate different ways of using javascript/Cucumber to validate expected results (assertion)
  • Provide Best Practices on step definition development
  • Demonstrate how to re-use step definitions in the project

Optional (Nice to Have):

    • Provide effective methods for testing a MicroServices-based application
    • Provide guidance to have common test results for both Front-end/Back-End testing (i.e., passed/failed/no-runs statuses in HTML/XML/plain text, etc.)
    • Provide guidance on integration of Jenkins with source code control tools like GTN/SVN

ATDD Process Expertise and Hands-on Experience

  • To limited extent, the team would be open to some ATDD process improvement suggestions, especially those that will allow us to accelerate our velocity and meet our inflexible project delivery date.



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